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Spiderlink Web Services, Inc. is an Internet services company specializing in Windows and Linux based high speed web hosting. Our primary services include fully manged shared and dedicated hosting plans on our custom cloud server infrustructure. We have been providing exceptional web hosting solutions to our clients since 1996, making us pioneers in this ever changing industry.

Our company is focused on website application and database hosting, co-location and administration services for businesses with extensive technical requirements. Our hands-on and personal support services are what sets us apart from other web hosting companies. Unlike those other monolithic hosting facilities that rely on massive volume and cookie cutter solutions to service their customers, we focus on each of our client's specific needs and provide custom and taliored solutions to fit their technical requirements. In short, we are experts in implementing and supporting our client's critical hosting solutions.

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Spiderlink employees are highly skilled, so you can always count on fast, personalized service. Spiderlink provides 24 hour 7 days a week support for all our customers. Support can be accessed via the phone, email, or email pager depending on your needs. Our engineers can be reached at all times through our emergency support email pager service. We also have installed proactive emergency alert software, which automatically detects and corrects server related problems and pages us in the event that any service is disrupted.

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One Wilshire Datacenter Downtown Los Angeles
One Wilshire Datacenter Downtown Los Angeles

The Spiderlink server farm is located at a premier facility in the well known Wilshire One building in downtown Los Angeles California. Our collocation Internet provider is equipped with a tier-1 optical network and a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) enabled backbone which spans both private and public-based transports. The facility is located at a major Internet exchange in close proximity to most other major exchanges in downtown Los Angeles. They have multiple Internet carriers comprised of big providers including Level 3, Quest, Nextlink, GST, and others.

We've been in business since 1996, and the landscape has changed quite drastically since our inception. In previous years we housed our servers with some of the old Internet pioneers like Exodus Communications, SoftAware Inc., Digital Island, Cable and Wireless, Epoch Internet, and Vitalstream. Some were acquired by other Internet companies, others filed for Chapter 11. Through the Dot Com boom and bust, 9/11, and the recent housing bubble and economic downturn, Spiderlink continues to adapt and thrive to an ever changing environment.

We've recently embraced a Cloud Computing infrastructure by migrating all of our physical servers to our own custom high availability Spiderlink cloud server environment comprised of Microsoft Hyper-V Clustering, the open source Xen Cloud Platform, and Citrix Xen Server. Our Spiderlink Cloud infrustructure enables us to more easily allocate resources to our various virtual servers during fluctuating demands. Benefits include high performance web and database application servers, seamless access to larger pools of resources when needed, higher availability, and live migration between different hardware platforms during maintenance resulting in significantly reduced downtime.

Testimonials Testimonials

I have been dealing with Spiderlink for many years. The personalized service from this company is what is missing from the IT community as a whole. It is like going into your favorite restaurant or bar "where everybody knows your name". The bigger the internet gets, the harder it will be to find this type of service. If you are looking to make a move, this is the place to be. The other guys just can't compete at this level of service.

Tony P
Vista Automotive Group

Service and integrity are, to me, measured more by how people react in crisis rather than how the react in the flow of easy, day-to-day business. And for me, the way you owned finding a way to restore the database, no matter what it took, reaffirms what I've known for nearly 15 years - that you know how to run an exceptional business..

Kevin G

We have been hosting our clients' websites with Spiderlink for over 15 years. During this time their customer service and hosting services have been nothing but outstanding. They always respond immediately and resolve all issues quickly. Spiderlink has also provided technical assistance and advice when needed which has been a fantastic resource. 5 stars!

John Phillips
NeoCom LLC